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Posted: April 22, 2013 in Music


Philly Black

Philly Black has been a student of the art since he was introduced to the world of Hip-Hop in the early 90’s a time when Hip Hop was peaking gaining notoriety and world renown recognition. So what does Hip-Hop stand for? Ask a true hip-hop head that question and he/she will tell you that Hip-Hop stands for “Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People” empowering the people by speaking to the “psyche the soul of the people” uplifting the spirit positively affecting the mind to reach greater levels; Philly Black has maintained the hip-hop culture in a time where the lines between hip-hop and rap has been blurred. Listen closely to the music that Philly Black creates and you can hear the ancestors speaking to a people who’s struggles continue in a world where everything is hidden by the image one creates.

During his career Philly Black has released three independent albums Who I Be (2013), Therapeutic Intervention (2011), Mind Over Matter (2009), and have been featured on a compilation album titled “Ghetto Rising” which was released on the South Korean Record Label Black Rose Records (1999) and various mix tapes; Philly Black is currently finishing up his fourth album titled “Black Thoughts A Clear & Present Danger.”

“On this album I speak about life as I see; I touch on a wide range of issues that we deal with on a daily basis and how through the struggles of everyday life one can still come out on top by really looking into the mirror and evaluate themselves honestly; working hard to fix those issues overcoming the adversities continuing to move forward no matter what life obstacles may come their way. “

Philly Black is scheduled to release the first single tilted “Knight In Shining Armor” by the end of June a lighthearted track just in time for the summertime love affair; in the mean time I urge you to take the time to listen to some of Philly Black’s music and enjoy some of the most true to form hip-hop music created to date. Philly Black’s music will definitely have you sipping on your favorite drink while sitting back and reflecting on how things once was and can be again.